pink, white, and black, and purple buildings
Photo by Grillot edouard / Unsplash

As I bid farewell to my Uber driver (sorry, I forgot your name...), and started wrestling my backpack (πŸŽ’ this [apple-suggested] icon looks so beautiful, I just had to use it) out of his tiny car, I glanced up at the signpost once again to confirm I was in the right part of town whilst absent mindedly nodding as he reminded me to rent a bicycle during my stay. Sadly, my backpack would note coorperate until I yanked harder on it, sending me flying backwards as it came loose. Not the smoothest exit, I concur; especially as the streets were not empty (slightly embarrassed face emoji).

I leapt onto the sidewalk, adjusted my sunglasses, and hastely climbed some stairs in an attempt to get off the streets as soon as possible before realising I was at the wrong door.

First Observation: The apartments in Amsterdam are oddly smooshed together.

I carefully retreated, lumbered down the street, and went up the next flight of stairs. All eyes on me, I think. I can never really tell. I said "Hey", shot up a smile, and pulled on the locked door. Definitely not my fondest 30 seconds.

After contacting Reception over the intercom, and getting the door unlocked, I exited the streets and gloomy stares of smoky eyed strangers, and entered the place I would call home for the next few days.


Feels cramped in here, was the first thought I had. Feels good though. Reception is in the basement. I went down the stairs, looked to my right, the kitchen; clean; good. I turned left and stumbled upon the receptionist.

Second Observation: Freakishly tall risers on these stairs.

The receptionist was most accommodating (once again, I'm bad with names; should probably start writing them down [thinking face emoji]) . He gave me the usual spiel [I have to admit, the only thing I remembered was the Happy Hour deal on offer, coy laugh emoji], handed me the welcome package and sent me up another flight of treacherous stairs with my keycard.

All the stairs in here are extremely steep. I should probably have been more careful...

I went up a flight, then another, and another, and another, til I got to my floor. Five (5) minutes and several attempts later, the door to my room finally gave way, out of pity I presume. I walked in, put down my backpack, and looked out the window to the beautiful greenery spilling out of Vondelpark. This was going to be fun.

Talk Soon...