To the Un-initiated,

We, introverts, are not (all) SHY!

I mean, true, we "sometimes" pretend to be a little shy when you're boring AF and keep talking to us; and true still, sometimes, "sometimes" is a little more than sometimes.

What do you expect us to do? Your endless chatter is nothing but uninspired rigmarole. It's exhausting y'all. We need all our energy to lead the Existential Absurdist lifestyle we so crave. And we'd rather you refrain from labeling us "Shy". In case you were wondering, yes, we do see the irony in that.

Now for the love of Emily Dickinson and all that is holy, could you stop thinking we're shy? And when we pretend to be, just take the hint and stop the narcissistic droning you were embarked upon. Who knows, it might surprise you to hear all that's been cooking in our fascinating brains.

I will hit you with my RBF from time to time, but remember, it's not always directed at you; it's an RBF for God's sake.

Now, unless you've got something interesting to talk about, let me get back to my thoughts. Send a text next time.

Side note: if I'm writing two (2) blog posts at the same time right now, it's not because I have ADHD, it's just because I can, or want to, whatever.