Summer is slowly drawing to an end. Through it all, one thing remained constant in my life: art. I have brought my sketchbook along for every adventure, every trip, every outing I managed to jam into my free time. Museums, galleries, parks, all bore witness to my obsession. And I believe I'm a better draughtsman and painter for it.

It came at a price though. All I see now is highlights...

I know what you're thinking, there's highlights everywhere. It's such a normal thing to see them. I agree; it is normal to see them, but is it normal to always notice them?

When I watch The Grand Budapest Hotel, I just want to see Mr. Gustave with his old school charm, lost amidst the colorful symmetry of Wes Anderson's very own Zubrowka, like I did the first time. Now all I see is highlights.

Highlights on the beloved concierge's perfectly adjusted shirt colar; highlights on the lapel of his purple gentlemen's coat; highlights on his nose, cheeks, and ear lobes; highlights everywhere...

Gustave H. - Artwork by Silphes.

I can hardly imagine what life looked like before these highlights.

Addendum: In the unlikely event you haven't heard of The Grand Budapest Hotel, here is the trailer.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Trailer

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